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Homestay with us

Programs aimed at Nepal homestays were much in concentration throughout Nepal Tourism Year 2011 since if it had been as fruitful as wanted for (if indeed the targeted one million tourists had visited the country) Nepal would have had an everyday deficit of 822 beds. This number was inwards at through the Nepal Tourism Board captivating into account the fact that the total number of Nepali hotels are 669 (all categories) with a total capacity of 26,063 beds. And so, much importance was given to the development of Nepal homestays in various parts of the country including newly developed tourist destinations. In the hospitality sector, homestays are universally considered to be an excellent alternative to hotel accommodation. Such an arrangement provides the opportunity for visitors to live with locals and partake of their hospitality according to the customs of the place. 

Homestay in Nepal state that in a home with at least four rooms, empty rooms can be used for tourists’ homestay. It is also demanded that the concerned family should make all efforts to give a taste of the local Nepali culture and cuisine to visitors thus serving in further enhancing the image of Nepal tourism. It is indispensable for hygienic as well as well facilitated rooms and services to be provided. We determine the accommodation package and other charges. All houses contributing in the Nepal homestay database have to safeguard cleanliness and a safe and secure setting. There must be passable toilet plus bathroom services. These are the basic criteria required for Nepal homestays. Concerning urban area homestays, a participating house can accommodate only four travelers per night so that there is less negative influence on the commercial of even Nepali hotels. We also necessitate guests to be served whatever food the homeowners themselves eat. Visitors too are demanded by the Nepal homestay guidelines to adhere to a code of conduct which states that they should dress in an appropriate manner and promote their Nepali hosts’ philosophy as well as custom. Nepal homestay guests are also asked to enter and leave homes only within the prescribed times and, use of drugs and narcotics is totally forbidden. Living in a Nepali homestay in a village is a quick way to know the real Nepal. And, the planned daily cultural activities at almost all Nepal homestays should certainly be a major attraction for tourists.

Location: Gongabu, 7 Kathmandu

Guest Facilities 


2 Double rooms with twin bed

non-attached bath, guest shared western toilet, gas geiser hot water


Additional features:

Sitting/dining room with cable tv


NOTE: The above information is a guide and standard template of what we provide. The trip can be customized at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.

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